Brand Management

What is a Brand?

“Investment made in your company brand improves earnings, increases its valuation multiplier (the stronger the brand the larger the multiplier) and the ability to cash in on your Goodwill  “at anytime in the business cycle.”

Lorne Kirsch CA, CBV, CFE; Partner, BDO Dunwoody

Brand management plan

 Why is it important to build your brand?
In today`s market, you need a strong brand to increase your name awareness, inspire confidence and trust, protect and build market share and instill loyalty both internally and externally. You need a brand that is both your identify and entity. Whether your brand is an individual, a product or service, and organization, your ultimate goal as a business is to have a logo or a consistent identity which represent your set of values and attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

What do you need to build a strong brand?
More than that, you need a brand which rationally and emotionally defines how the world perceives your company, product or service, differentiate them and provide competitive advantage. You need a brand which can be clearly defined both within or outside your organization in terms of “inexpensive, reliable, luxury, or performance” while also expressing your values and spirit.

Brend management plan 
We at PRO VOX understands branding and all related services. We understand that your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your company. Our brand management services encompass both brand creation and brand revitalisation as well as brand management planning. We help you refine and build a dynamic brand that truly reflects your company values and your promise to the targeted market.

Achieving the goal: Brand
Through our comprehensive and collaborative approach, we identify your brand opportunity, understand your market drivers and greater creating thinking before selecting and developing differentiated suitable brand strategy for you. Our next step is to shape your brand through defining its essence, promise, positioning, identity and architecture. Because we deliver our promise, our ultimate goal is to develop a brand promise a promise you can deliver. PRO VOX also helps you promote your brand at the right time and place and with the right and most appropriate forms of advertising which convey the image of your brand to reflect your values and spirit.