Direct Marketing

A simple and clear way to deliver information!

Provide customers with a simple, direct and practical way to get informed about your offer and measure their feedback. With direct marketing this is exactly what we offer!

We offer you direct marketing;

We are all receiving dozen of promotional materials that are piling up in our post box. Majority of those materials we throw away even before we take a look at them. We are sure you do not want your message to end like that. Thus, it is necessary to address exactly those who are interested in your offer. First on the list are your current customers. However, a true challenge is to find new, potential contacts and get to know their interests. The more you get to know them, the greater possibility is to offer them exactly what they are interested in. Our team can offer you the way how to gather this information and build your own database of (potential) customers. This database is fundamental for direct marketing actions (mailing lists, direct mail, etc).

One of the effective ways to inform (potential) customers is by sending news about your offer to their e-mails (newsletters). The big advantage of this way of passing information is a possibility to send your offer to a smaller market segment, to precisely measure the feedback and an ability to easily unsubscribe from the mailing lists. Direct mail does not have to be something that will easily end in a trash bin. If we create a useful and attractive material of direct marketing and we send it to a chosen number of people from your database, the bigger chance is to get feedback from them and become your customers.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing can be very effective even if you are aiming it at unknown customers. For example, with catalogue sales of your products and services you will enable your customers to get acquainted with your offer without leaving their homes. By using internet and visiting your website, this type of direct marketing is being placed at a higher level by providing faster two-way communication (interaction) and always up-to-date information. And why wouldn’t you also use professional magazines? They already provide a specific, narrower group of customers. Include your leaflet, coupon or a brochure with a direct invitation to call you back.


In general, we can use a number of different media for your direct marketing activities, no matter whether you are addressing known or unknown customers. However, we can provide you with the best offer by combining various types of media. A very big advantage of direct marketing is the possibility to accurately measure customers’ feedback and get their personal data (name, age, gender, interests, etc). Owing to this, in your further actions you will be able to personally address each of these customers and offer them exactly the product (service) he/she is interested in. Thus you build up a stronger and even more personal contact with your customers.