Event Marketing

Noticable organisation!!

Do you wish to draw considerable attention to your product, service or the company in general? In that case we suggest a spectacular and well-planned marketing event that can be organized with the purpose of achieving your wish!

Leave the organization of an event to us and we shall do our utmost to make it purposeful and memorable.

 Launching your new product
A very effective way of launching your new product (service) is to plan and organize a special event. Important fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and congresses they all give you a chance to present yourself in the best possible way. A special marketing event can include audio-visual effects, a performance by a popular music band, promoters, actors or even fireworks! Such an event will create a so-called “wow effect” which will not go unnoticed!

 To draw attention 
What you need is a spectacular and well-planned marketing event that can be organized with the purpose of achieving the following: launching a new product or service, increasing the public awareness of products, services or the company and improving its image, inciting favourable public opinion, stronger employees motivation, dealing with legal hindrances and social responsibility.

 A tailored way

You have probably seen how Tuborg organizes a multitude of parties in order to promote its products. Through a specially tailored marketing event from time to time we can make your products (services) surprise and remind buyers of their existence. An impressive event is a certified method of strengthening your image and winning trust and loyalty of your customers, employees, the media and the whole community. Event marketing can be also applied to your employees. A party for your company’s anniversary, Christmas or some other event will increase employees’ morale and motivation.


Every single country imposes legal restrictions on advertising of certain products or services (e.g. cigarettes, medicines, alcoholic beverages). If such restrictions prevent your from advertising in the media, event marketing enables you to advertise indirectly in full compliance with the legal framework. We must not ignore the fact that each one of us is a member of the community. That is why companies are expected to be socially responsible in 21st century. You cannot afford to be indifferent to the public opinion of your company, products or services! Event marketing gives you a perfect opportunity to discreetly show that you care for the community. In the long-run this will lead to moral acceptance from that same community. An effective marketing event can always be a good introduction to your PR campaign.