Public Relations and Consumer Relations

Let`s build positive image of your company!

It is crucial to business how your company is perceived by others and what they think about it, although it may not seem so. Together we can build and maintain a positive image of your company.

Public Relations (PR)

 Relation with clients
Well organized public relations may at times seem spontaneous, as if they had not been planned. Well organized public relations are designed to exactly seem that way. They include constant monitoring and detailed analysis of essential information which may influence your business, and the most effective and timely use of such information to the benefit of your company. In accordance with your business position and needs, we will suggest the best way to build a quality relationship with the media, investors, professional associations, state and public institutions, employees etc.

 Consumer relations
A healthy profit, as the final outcome of every business, can be achieved only if you take good care of your clients, which is why you should take into consideration their opinions, attitude and experience. Clients’ complaints should not be regarded as a problem, rather as advice and an opportunity to improve your products and services. And their interest and approval should be rewarded. You should regularly inform buyers of your recent business activities and try to win over buyers whose opinion matters and can potentially influence the opinion of the undecided ones.

Buyers, the media, investors and other various interest groups influence your company on a daily basis. For that reason, it is important to know their attitude towards you and your products (services). It is not recommended to just let your image shape itself freely. The aim is to control the forming of your reputation through carefully planned and directed information and activities. Public relations (PR) should always be established on something positive and true. Although PR is an extremely powerful means of communication, it cannot always be effective, particularly when it is practised by immoral, unethical, irresponsible or disloyal business companies.

 A consumer wants to be thrilled
We do not want your customers to be satisfied, we want them to be thrilled! So we suggest that you continuously survey the opinion and the degree of satisfaction of your customers. Understanding their needs is what gives us a basis on which to draw up a plan for you how to build good consumer relations.

The bigger the company, the bigger the need for public relations. No matter how big your company is, open and honest approach to the market will earn you better reputation and the trust of the community. It is necessary to constantly provide timely and adequate information about your company and its activities, since lack of such information gradually turns into negative public opinion. If you have the resources, you should strive for a unique and recognizable communication style that will render the public fully aware of your existence.

 A kind word
A kind word, a specific communication style, a birthday card, keeping in touch, an occasional surprise are just some of the things we can offer you in the plan as well as how to take advantage of them. We will take into consideration your employees too, the web-site, the product packaging, the catalogues and everything else that can be used in communication and development of good consumer relations. Our mutual goal is to cherish them together.