Sales Promotion

A winning path to increase sales!!

You are under great pressure to increase current sales? Customers can hardly make any difference between your products (services) and your competitors?
If you have problems like these, sales promotion could be the right solution for you!

Our team will suggest you a winning combination for sales increase.

 A goal
First of all, it is essential to have a clear goal, i.e. how much increase in sales you want to achieve. On the short term, lowering the prices could contribute to achieving this goal, but in the long run, you will need a detailed programme of sales promotion. We will create a programme, based on the type of your business, which defines who, when, how, where and how much improvement is needed. You can direct these improvements at customers, distributors, sales staff or your own business.

When we talk about sales promotion which is directed at customers (consumers), we can offer a great variety of activities which you can use. With promotions at different selling points, you enable live contact with your end customers, therefore, the chance to convince them to choose your products over your competitors’ is significantly bigger. Product samples are very useful when you are introducing a new product to the market, but on the other hand, they are rather expensive. Additional discounts, gifts and other benefits can be offered to your loyal customers. Special promotional materials with the logo of your company will remind your customers about your company for a very long time.

With sales promotion directed at your distributors, you will win them over and make them work for you in the way that they will place your products on good spots and try to sell them. Activities which we will offer you through sales promotion include quantity and periodical discounts, credit periods, guarantees for distributors etc. Your and your distributors sales staff is an important segment you can influence with sales promotion activities. Award them different bonuses and gifts, organize for them various competitions, travels and away-days and offer professional development.

 Fairs and sales exhibitions
With sales promotion activities you can improve your own business too. This would include attending fairs and sales exhibitions. They are an ideal opportunity to present your company in the best possible way, to stand out from your competition, to launch a new product (service), to meet customers in person, or to make new business deals. Depending on the type of sales promotion activity, which we will choose for you, we will also suggest adequate ways how to measure the success of those activities.